Gauze Pads 2 X 2 inches 50 sheets

Gauze Pads 2 X 2 inches 50 sheets


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  1. Made with 100% natural cotton and?fluorescent free
  2. Sterilized at high temperature to ensure cleanliness and safety
  3. Folded sides?prevent any lint reaching the mouth of baby
  4. Convenient and easy disposal


Used to clean the inside of the mouth, gums, tongue, cheek pouches, and teeth. Safe to use with newborns and can be supplementary to brushing teeth.

Net Wt.: 50 sheets
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185 in stock

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Tips on how to clean the baby? eye area

Gauze pads used to clean the tongue should not be reused with teeth or gum. Use a separate gauze pad to avoid infection.

  1. Dip the gauze pad in clean water (boiled water let cool)
  2. Unfold the dampened gauze pad
  3. Wrap it tightly around a finger (preferably index finger)
  4. Clean, with the gauze pad, around the teeth, tongue, and gum of the baby twice a day (morning and evening) and after feeding

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 10 × 15 cm