Filing pads for the whole family

  • Pink pad Baby 0-3 months
  • Orange pad Baby 3-6 months
  • Green pad Baby 6-12 months
  • Blue pad Baby 12 months+


  • Metal pad Shapes and shortens nails
  • Metal cylindrical head Trims nail tips and cuticles


  • Attach the filing head to the machine.
  • Turn the nail trimmer on, and adjust
    the level and rotation.
    R2: High speed & Right rotation
    R1: Low speed & Right rotation
    0 : OFF
    L1: Low speed & Left rotation
    L2: High speed & Left rotation
  • Hold the finger and start filing from the
    edge of the nail, keeping an angle of
    50-60o. Apply consistent pressure,
    moving the device from side to side
    on each nail.


  •  This product is not a toy and should always be used with
    adult supervision.
  • Only use the product to trim the baby’s nail shape. Do not
    polish the baby’s nail surface.
  • Do not use adult filing pads on babies.
  • Take out batteries when not in use for a long time.
  • Clean with a dry soft cloth, do not rinse or soak the product.