I am not really a fan of baby wipes. I am using do-it-yourself wipes to my twins to make sure they’re safe from any harmful chemicals.
Last Sunday, I received sample products from Baby Moby PH and one of them is baby wipes. Aside from its attractive yellow packaging, what really attracted me the most is the 99.9% pure water content of the product. In fact, it is called Baby Moby Pure Water Wipes. So I was relieved to know that I am going to use no alcohol, no fragrance, no fluorescence and no paraben wipes to my twins’ skin. It is also dermatologically tested hypoallergenic and it has Vitamin E and aloe vera so definitely safe for my twins. I used it to wipe my twins’ bums during regular nappy change and there was also an instance that I used it to wipe their faces and necks. It is soft and cloth-like, no roughness that might harm my twins. The wipes are also 3D honeycomb pattern which makes moisture last longer compared to other wipes. Using the wipes is like just using my DIY wipes.
Another Baby Moby product that I’ve got the chance to try for myself is Baby Moby Large Cotton Balls. It is made from 100% natural cotton and fluorescence free. Its zip locked packaging guarantees that it is hygienic. I used one cotton ball to apply toner on my face, but since it is large, I suggest that Baby Moby Standard Cotton Balls should be used for this certain function instead. These large cotton balls are thrice the size of a standard one to ensure better absorbency, that’s why it can be a good replacement for baby wipes when cleaning up baby’s bum during nappy change, if you’re hesitant to use wipes.
I also used Baby Moby Cotton Pads standard size to apply toner on my face. It was soft and smooth, no roughness compared to other brands that I have used before. I recommend it also for removing make-ups. Like the cotton balls, it’s also in a zip locked packaging. It is lint free, adhesive free and fluorescence free. Again, can be a good alternative to baby wipes. They also have its large version, Baby Moby Jumbo Cotton Pads, which I think is a better baby wipes substitute. Other Baby Moby products include Baby Moby Breastmilk Storage Bags, Baby Moby Mini Cotton Buds, Baby Moby Big Cotton Buds, Baby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads and Baby Moby Disposable Breastpads.
Other Baby Moby products include Baby Moby Breastmilk Storage BagsBaby Moby Mini Cotton BudsBaby Moby Big Cotton BudsBaby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads and Baby Moby Disposable Breastpads.
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